Friday, June 29, 2007

Eddie Goldman and Aaron Braunstein On "Joey Reynolds Show" 

The latest segment featuring myself and radio and boxing personality Aaron Braunstein, which aired on the June 29, 2007, edition of the nationally-syndicated "Joey Reynolds Show", can be heard here.

In a typically wide-ranging discussion, we talked about some of the latest developments in boxing, its heavyweight division, China, Russia, Germany, communism, mixed martial arts, media, technology, and more. (Audio used with permission from the show.)

The "Joey Reynolds Show" is heard on over 80 radio stations. This talk show airs live beginning at midnight and runs to 5 AM ET, on WOR 710 AM in New York.

You can also listen to the "Joey Reynolds Show" online. For more information on the show's webcast, go to http://www.wor710.com/.

For more information on the "Joey Reynolds Show," go to http://wor710.com/pages/46370.php?contentType=4&contentId=157588.

For more information on Myra Chanin, who works with the show, and also about Joey and the show, go to http://motherwonderful.com/.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Keisha Morrisey and Eddie Goldman On "Joey Reynolds Show" Thursday Night/Friday Morning 

Keisha Morrisey of Bloodline Boxing Entertainment and Eddie Goldman of No Holds Barred and SecondsOut Radio will be guests on the nationally-syndicated "Joey Reynolds Show" Thursday night/Friday morning, June 28/29.

We plan to discuss boxing, politics, entertainment, and just about anything else which might cross our minds.

The "Joey Reynolds Show" is heard on over 80 radio stations. This talk show airs live beginning at midnight and runs to 5 AM ET, on WOR 710 AM in New York. We are presently scheduled to come on towards the end of the show.

You can also listen to the "Joey Reynolds Show" online. For more information on the show's webcast, go to http://www.wor710.com/.

For more information on the "Joey Reynolds Show," go to http://wor710.com/pages/46370.php?contentType=4&contentId=157588.

For more information on Myra Chanin, who works with the show, and also about Joey and the show, go to http://motherwonderful.com/.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NO HOLDS BARRED: Todd Hester of Gladiator Magazine 

  • NO HOLDS BARRED on PodOmatic

  • On this edition of NO HOLDS BARRED, host Eddie Goldman speaks with one of the pioneers in mixed martial arts journalism, Todd Hester, the publisher and editor-in-chief of Gladiator Magazine.

    In a lengthy discussion, we go over the origins and evolution of the sport now known as mixed martial arts, and especially point to its roots in grappling. We critique the current predominant direction in this sport, where sportsmanship and positive values are no longer promoted. And we discuss how Gladiator Magazine (for which I am also writing) is beginning to play a role in striving to get mixed martial arts to return to the path of emphasizing the many positive aspects of the combat sports and the martial arts.

    To listen to NO HOLDS BARRED, click here or here and just press the play button on the player. (Please note that if one of these sites has a technical problem, please use another one.) You can also listen to it through this blog and my MySpace page, also by pressing the play button on the player. (And if the player does not display the latest episode, please go directly here or here.)

    Also, NO HOLDS BARRED is available through iTunes.

    The show is in MP3 format, so may take some time to download.

    The NO HOLDS BARRED theme song is called "The Heist", by musician Ian Carpenter.

    NO HOLDS BARRED is free to listen to and is sponsored by:

    IFL, the International Fight League, the world's first professional mixed martial arts league. Make sure to check out their regular TV shows on FSN (Fox Sports Net) in the U.S. and to check your local listings for dates and times. You can also catch the IFL's newest show, "IFL Battleground", every Monday night on MyNetworkTV. An encore presentation will run each Saturday night. Check out the IFL web site, ifl.tv, for a listing of IFL live events and their TV schedule.

    BJJMart.com, your premier source for all Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gear, videos, books, and much more.

    Gladiator Magazine, for in-depth coverage of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission grappling, and MMA, as well as lifestyle articles on surfing, cars, movies, and more. Gladiator Magazine is available at any major bookstore and online at BJJMart.com or Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear.

    FightBeat.com, for news, results, interviews, and free exclusive videos from the worlds of boxing and mixed martial arts.

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    Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    NO HOLDS BARRED Supports Day of Silence June 26 

    The next edition of NO HOLDS BARRED will be delayed for a couple of days to support the day of silence being held Tuesday, June 26. This is a protest against the 300 percent royalty rate increase for online music webcasters, which is an attack on all forms of Internet radio. This protest is being organized by the SaveNetRadio Coalition.

    While NO HOLDS BARRED is technically a podcast and a talk show, these technical and genre distinctions pale in importance to the issue of the attack by big business on the mainly fledgling and grassroots Internet radio webcasters. As a veteran of Internet radio, from eYada.com on, I again remind folks that an injury to one is an injury to all.

    Here is the press release explaining the Day of Silence:

    For Immediate Release

    The Sounds of Silence Will be Heard By Millions

    National Day of Silence for U.S. Webcasters to be Held in Protest of Fee Hike

    WASHINGTON D.C. - The regularly scheduled programming of millions of Internet radio listeners will be temporarily interrupted tomorrow when tens of thousands of U.S. webcasters observe a national Day of Silence. Protesting the recent 300 percent royalty rate increase for online music webcasters, the aim of the industry wide daylong blackout is to raise awareness of the threat these new rates pose to the future of Internet radio and rally support for legislation pending in Congress.

    "Webcasters of every size and from every corner of the country will stand united tomorrow to protest a very real and fast approaching threat to their livelihood," said Jake Ward, a spokesperson for the SaveNetRadio Coalition. With nearly a half million emails and phone calls from webcasters, listeners, and the artists they support sent to Congress in just the last two months, this national grassroots campaign has certainly captured the attention of lawmakers, but there is more to be done and time is running out.

    During the National Day of Silence webcasters will urge their listeners to contact their congressional representatives and ask them to support the Internet Radio Equality Act and preserve the future of Internet radio. Tomorrow the silence of tens of thousand of webcasters will make the call to save Internet radio heard loud and clear.

    Internet-only webcasters and broadcasters that simulcast online will alert their listeners that "silence" is what Internet radio may be reduced to after July 15th, the day on which 17 months' worth of retroactive royalty payments -- at new, exceedingly high rates -- are due to the SoundExchange collection organization, following a recent Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) decision.

    The following is a partial list of participants; it is not a complete list:
    Live365 stations,
    MTV Online,
    KCRW (Santa Monica, CA),
    Wizard Radio,
    Born Again Radio,
    WGLI (Babylon, NY),
    WMUK (Kalamazoo, MI),
    Head-On Radio Network,
    Zecom/Gemz Radio,
    monkeygrip music cafe,
    KFCF (Fresno, CA),
    Blue Power/Guitar Speak,
    WPNA (Oak Park, IL),
    60's Chicks Radio/Seasons & Celebrations Radio,
    STAR 107.9,
    Puregold Rock 'N Roll,
    NeverEndingWonder Radio,
    BAGeL Radio,
    KDUN (Reedsport, OR),
    KQLZ (Los Angeles, CA),
    KXPR/KXJZ (Sacramento, CA),
    BlackLight Radio,
    Pure Pop 24/7,
    Smooth Jazz and More,
    Reggae Nostalgia,
    WCH Radio/The Wave,
    WYGS Southern Gospel Radio Network,
    WRAJ Internet Radio
    KPBX - Spokane Public Radio http://www.kpbx.org/
    Vault Radio http://concerts.wolfgangsvault.com
    KALW (San Francisco, CA) www.kalw.org
    The Miz Radio http://www.live365.com/stations/misterconnections?site=pro
    GalaxyStorm Radio http://www.radio.galaxystorm.com
    MaxMarch Radio http://radio.maxmarch.com\
    KRUA 88.1 http://krua.uaa.alaska.edu
    Radio Odyssey http://www.radioodyssey.com
    Indie Airplay http://www.indieairplay.com
    Digitally Imported Radio http://www.di.fm
    SKY.fm http://www.sky.fm
    LastCall-Radio http://www.lastcall-radio.com/
    Melted Metal Web Radio http://www.meltedmetal.com/
    The Hot Cakes and Sausage Morning Show
    KVMR-FM, Nevada City CA (Sacramento market) http://kvmr.org
    OutboundMusic http://outboundmusic.com/
    Ozone Radio www.theozoneradio.com
    Zimmer Radio, Joplin, MO Kissin 92.5/Kix 102.5/1310 KZRG/Big Dog 97.9
    Loud City http://community.loudcity.com/
    Power Radio International www.powerradioint.com
    WEOS, Geneva, NY www.weos.org
    WCPR Castle Point Radio, Hoboken, NJ http://www.stevens.edu/wcpr/
    KHPZ Radio Network (Los Angeles, CA) www.myspace.com/khpzradionetwork
    Italian Graffiati www.italiangraffiati.com
    Radio Skipper www.radioskipper.com
    Whitedove Gospel Internet Radio http://www.whitedoveradio.com
    Kansas City Online Radio www.KCOnlineRadio.com
    RoadsEndRadio www.RoadsEndRadio.com
    All About Country - AllAboutCountry.com
    RadioNC Online Internet Radio - http://radionc.com
    WNYC New York Public Radio - www.wnyc.org
    PowerHitRadio - http://www.thepowerhits.com\All Memphis Music -
    Radio X Network – http://Radio X Network.com
    KUIW Radio San Antonio, Texas - http://www.kuiw.org
    PopFusion Radio - www.popfusionradio.com
    WPRY AM 1400 Perry, FL http://www.wpry.com/
    525 Power Tracks www.525.com
    Wild West Radio - Wildwestradio.com
    Jazz Radio 24/7 http://JazzRadio247.com
    Barcelona Jazz Radio www.barcelonajazzradio.com
    RadioZX www.RadioZX.com
    WOXY www.woxy.com
    WAjP Net Radio Network, Paintsville, Kentucky http://phsaa.org/
    TheRockHD - TheRockHD.com
    YHotHD - YHotHD.com ZRadio - zradio.com
    WDYN - Dynamic Independent Radio 100.1 FM Rochester, NY WDYN.net
    My Flex Radio – www.MyFlexRadio.com
    Christian Rock.net – www.ChristianRock.Net
    Variety-FM Gold – http://www.variety-fm.com
    Mix Utah - www.mixutah.com
    KCWU-FM 88.1, Ellensburg, WA (Central Washington University) -
    Japan-A-Radio – http://www.japanaradio.com/
    Radio Underground - http://www.radiounderground.net/
    The Geek Radio – http://thegeekradio.com

    To learn more about Day of Silence events and the SaveNetRadio coalition, contact jake@savenetradio.org or visit http://www.SaveNetRadio.org. For the most up to date list of webcasters joining the national day of silence, visit www.kurthanson.com/dos.

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    Sunday, June 24, 2007

    SecondsOut Radio: Travis Simms, Don King, Scot X. Esdaile 

  • SecondsOut Radio with Eddie Goldman

  • On this week's edition of SecondsOut Radio, host Eddie Goldman begins by commenting on some aspects of Ricky Hatton's impressive fourth-round knockout of Jose Luis Castillo this past Saturday in Las Vegas which others have overlooked.

    We next focus on what should be a Super Saturday for boxing, July 7.

    On that day, in Cologne Germany, IBF heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko will try to avenge his April 2004 loss to challenger Lamon Brewster in a title fight scheduled for 12 rounds. That fight will be screened in most countries as a live Internet pay-per-view on SecondsOut.tv, at http://www.secondsout.com/ppv. (The Internet pay-per-view will not be available in North America, Germany, and Russia.)

    That same day, July 7, will see a clash of unbeaten fighters as WBA super welterweight champion Travis Simms (25-0, 19 KOs) puts his belt on the line against Joachim Alcine (28-0, 18 KOs). This fight headlines a card at the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, Connecticut, not far from Simms's hometown of Norwalk, Connecticut. It will be shown live in the US on Showtime, and is promoted by Don King Productions.

    This past Thursday there was a press conference in Bridgeport to kick off the promotion of this card. We were there and got a chance to speak with Travis Simms, Don King, and Scot X. Esdaile of the Connecticut NAACP, which is involved in supporting this event.

    It is free to listen to SecondsOut Radio, but you must register to gain access to it. Just click here, and listen, learn, and enjoy.

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