Thursday, June 10, 2021

Order from the No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman Shop, Now on Redbubble 

T-shirts! Hoodies! Tank tops! Mugs! Pillows! Even masks and mini-skirts! Yes, these items and more are now available for purchase on the new No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman shop on Redbubble.

While it was never my intention to become a shmata saleman, I am doing this to supplement the small income I am earning from my media work. Independent, no holds barred journalism, which is not beholden to promoters, networks, sports oligarchs, and the like, is hardly a way to get rich. Hence, this Redbubble project, which also gives my media a bit of publicity.

You can browse all the items for sale and then place an order here.

It has also been recommended to me that people choose sizes on the large side, as some items may run small. Please let me know how the ordering process goes, and when you receive the items you bought, the quality of them.

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