Monday, June 24, 2019

The Patreon Experiment 

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It is time I moved much of my original content about combat sports to the crowdfunding site known as Patreon.

While I still will write or produce other content for other sites when possible, i.e., when there is paid work, the opportunities for independent and critical journalism about the combat sports, as I have mentioned for many years, are very limited. TV and streaming networks, promoters, and others who make money from the efforts of the athletes have gobbled up most of what is out there. Besides those, media outlets which do not focus on combat sports usually either ignore or slander them, or produce pieces with empty phrases, no critical analysis, or cliches provided by promoters and networks, and most often written or produced by simpletons, mediocrities, shills, and those ignorant, willfully or not, of how these sports are truly run.

That leaves me in a position of needing a platform where I determine what does and does not go up, and still try to earn some income from my labor. A good option would be some type of collective made up of those committed to independent combat sports journalism, but no such thing appears to be forming. And that is where Patreon, and you, come in.

Patreon is a web site where users can post their own content and set up free and paid tiers. "Creators", as the site calls them, get 90% or so of what comes in. If they wish, they can charge a monthly fee for people to see special content, with the rest, if any, for free.

It is thus relies for income on these "patrons", as opposed to relying on some publisher or editor, or advertising revenue, which obviously compromises the content. I read that the average monthly amount paid by "patrons" is $12, but the vast majority of users take home little money.

I set up a Patreon page a few years ago but never really used it, and just posted one link to my podcast. For now, I plan to experiment with reviving it.

I do not plan at this time to have tiers of paid and free content. It all will be up there. But I will ask for people to pledge what they can give per month to keep my work going. Details are forthcoming.

This week I plan to post a new article there analyzing the real impact of "The Tyson Fury Show". I also plan to move the comments about and links to other media about the combat sports and various social issues in world sport in general, from my social media pages like Facebook and Twitter, to the Patreon page.

After some time, I will evaluate how well this is all working out.

Here is the link to my page:


Thanks, Eddie Goldman

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