Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NO HOLDS BARRED: Fedor Emelianenko, Vadim Finkelchtein, Monte Cox, Frank Trigg, Gary Shaw, Mitchell Maxwell, M-1 Global 

  • NO HOLDS BARRED on PodOmatic

  • On this edition of NO HOLDS BARRED, host Eddie Goldman brings you a series of interviews conducted at the kickoff news conference of the new M-1 Global mixed martial arts promotion held Monday, October 22, at the Marc Ecko Enterprises showroom in New York.

    The highlight of this event was the appearance by Fedor Emelianenko, the consensus top heavyweight and pound-for-pound fighter in MMA today. He is the first fighter which M-1 Global has announced they have signed. We spoke with both Fedor and his manager, Vadim Finkelchtein, at this event.

    We also spoke with another veteran of MMA, Monte Cox. He has been named the president and CEO of M-1 Global. We spoke with him about the current and future plans of when and where M-1 Global plans to run live events, and with which American networks they are presently negotiating. We also spoke about their plans to market Fedor to the American public with Mitchell Maxwell, a Broadway show producer who is now also the chairman of M-1 Global.

    At this news conference was veteran MMA fighter and radio and television commentator Frank Trigg of TAGG Radio. We spoke with him about his initial impressions of M-1 Global. We also discussed the prospects for M-1 Global with Gary Shaw, who is a promoter in both MMA and boxing as the Live Events President of EliteXC and the President and Chief Executive Officer of Gary Shaw Productions. Plus, we play an excerpt from the news conference itself where we asked Fedor to respond to some reports alleging that he was ducking some top heavyweights.

    A video of the entire news conference is here.

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    Eddie Goldman Named Boxing Correspondent for Joey Reynolds Show 

    Eddie Goldman has been named the boxing correspondent for the "Joey Reynolds Show", a national radio broadcast in New York on WOR 710 AM and on 100 other stations via the WOR Network.

    These duties will include coming on the show prior to major fights, especially those in the New York area, to discuss them with Joey, as well as the overall state of the sweet science.

    "Joey Reynolds is a major fan of Eddie's," said Myra Chanin, booking producer and on-air personality for the show. "He finds Eddie's commentaries, interviews, and boxing connections outstanding, and feels he adds a great deal to the sports aspects and general intellectual content of the 'Joey Reynolds Show'."

    Added Joey, "I hope to win some more fights with you on the air."

    Eddie said, "This is another great opportunity for me to build interest in boxing while at the same time offering critical analysis about the many problems in the sport. I will also be continuing all my other many activities in the media, especially covering the combat sports."

    The "Joey Reynolds Show" airs live beginning at midnight ET and runs to 5 AM ET Monday through Friday.

    You can also listen to the "Joey Reynolds Show" online. For more information on the show's webcast, go to http://www.wor710.com/.

    For more information on the "Joey Reynolds Show," go to http://wor710.com/pages/46370.php?contentType=4&contentId=157588.

    For more information on Myra Chanin, go to http://motherwonderful.com/.

    For more information on Eddie Goldman, go to http://nhbnews.blogspot.com/.

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    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    SecondsOut Radio: Ricky Hatton, Mister Pressure 

  • SecondsOut Radio with Eddie Goldman

  • On this week's edition of SecondsOut Radio, host Eddie Goldman gets Ricky Hatton's side of the story leading up to his December 8 showdown with Floyd Mayweather at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. This fight will be shown in the US on HBO Pay-Per-View.

    Hatton (43-0, 31 KOs) spoke with the boxing media this past week on a teleconference call, stating his case articulately why he believes that he will be the first fighter to defeat his fellow unbeaten champion fighter, Mayweather (38-0, 24 KOs). Key to his attack, he argued, will be pressure, and he thus dubbed himself "Mister Pressure".

    We first play Ricky Hatton's opening statement to the media, and then our questions asking him to elaborate on that statement. Plus we discuss the questions Hatton must answer to be able to persuade observers that he can indeed win.

    We will find out December 8 who wins this fight, but thus far it may be Hatton who is winning the battle of words.

    It is free to listen to SecondsOut Radio, but you must register to gain access to it. Just click here, and listen, learn, and enjoy.

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