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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What’s New on NO HOLDS BARRED 

As the billions and billions of folks who regularly follow this blog know, important changes have recently been happening pretty fast, both here and in my overall media activities. Working in the media, and especially the Internet media in these still-pioneering days, does not make for a stable situation. Media outlets come and go, technologies change at lightning speed, and wise people are joined by fools young and old trying to make a go of it online.

So here are some of the main new developments to report:

SecondsOut Radio: As I blogged yesterday, the first edition of this new, free, weekly boxing Internet radio show has been posted. I have known many members of the SecondsOut.com team for some time, and it is good to be working with such a serious and stable group of people. If you haven’t done so already, go to http://www.secondsout.com/radio to complete the quick registration form.

TheSweetScience.com: I recently started my weekly column on this boxing site, one of the most popular, well-written, and heavily-trafficked on the net. And, surprise, surprise, I’ve already drummed up some controversy. Yup, I am now with two major boxing sites at once.

Throwdown Magazine: This new combat sports magazine, with veteran journalist Todd Hester as publisher and editor-in-chief, recently put out its premiere issue, in which I have a regular column. You can subscribe online, so check it out.

Combat Sports News: I am still posting stories, mainly press releases, about all of the combat sports. I also posted links in the right-hand column of this blog to the five different categories:
Boxing News
MMA & NHB News
BJJ & Grappling News
Wrestling News
Kickboxing, Karate, Sumo, etc. News

MySpace.Com Profile: My profile and postings on MySpace.com are more for fun than those on this blog, but this social networking site, now reportedly with over 54,000,000 members, is invaluable to anyone who takes the online world seriously. Of course, since it has become so popular, it has alarmed all sorts of technophobic authoritarians who are now trying to either ban it or prevent the youth from using it. And we’re not talking about some place like China or Iran here, but liberal, open-minded New York.

Yup, this will only make it stronger, so keep it up, jerks. With 54,000,000 people on MySpace.com, there are, of course, bound to be some criminals and predators among them – just as there are among some schoolteachers, members of the clergy, and cops. Maybe we should ban all these institutions as well.

Music: Besides just fooling around on the MySpace.com site, a luxury for which I have little time, and corresponding with and even meeting some very cool people, I have also used it to catch up on some new music, new at least to me. So when you go to my profile, you will usually hear a song of my choice playing.

Up now is “I Need More Love” by Robert Randolph, whose band plays a smoking, tight, and fresh blend of soul, funk, gospel, jazz, rock, and even some country. I also added a link to this blog for the Robert Randolph official site which has some of this band’s videos as well as lots more information. Their MySpace page is at http://www.myspace.com/robertrandolph .

American Foundation for the Blind: I have also added a link on my blog to this site. Although I am not blind, I have always had poor vision and it is worsening as I age. This group is playing a leading role in fighting for online accessibility for people with low or no vision. I am grateful for and supportive of the work they are doing, and plan to write more about them in the future.

I already have one post up about their critiques of lack of accessibility in major sports web sites. And I have also forwarded their press release to some people I know at some of these offending sites.

Ourmedia.org: I am also maintaining a page on Ourmedia.org with similar content as on here, although there are direct links to the audio interviews there. Plus, if one site goes down, as has happened a few times, the other is probably still up.

There will be more news to come as I work on these and other, new projects. So to combine two slogans in the same sentence in a way probably no one else would even dream of, I have to Git-R-Done, by any means necessary.

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I can't wait to check out your new boxing site.

Hope all is well!
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I can't wait to check out your new boxing site.

Hope all is well!

By Blogger Blonde, at 8:33 PM  

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