Saturday, November 27, 2004

by Eddie Goldman

The last few months have been very busy ones for me, and not just because I have been reporting on numerous live events as well as writing every day. Periodically my media homes seem to change, as this appears to be the nature of this business. And when you cover the often-chaotic world of the combat sports as I do, there is an additional element of uncertainty thrown in. So here is an update on the latest, and, I hope, greatest lineup of media homes where you can find yours truly.


My old pal and colleague Todd Hester has recently been named Editor-in-Chief of "Bodyguard Magazine." He is transforming this publication into the premier magazine of combat sports and training. Joining him at this publication are veteran combat sports journalists and writers Kid Peligro, Matt Furey, and myself, who will serve as wrestling editor. "Bodyguard Magazine" for now is a bi-monthly publication, available both on newsstands and by subscription.

In naming me wrestling editor, Todd said, "Eddie is the premiere wrestling writer in the U.S., and we're honored that he decided to join 'Bodyguard' to give the readers the best possible coverage of the world's oldest combat sport."

For more on "Bodyguard Magazine," go to:



As some of you may have noticed, I now have a new title at the ADCC News, at which I have been since 2001. That new title is boxing and wrestling editor. Previously I had just been wrestling editor.

As this new title suggests, ADCC News is enhancing its coverage of all the combat sports by including more on the most popular professional combat sport in the world, boxing. There is much more crossover and mutual respect among all the combat sports these days than ever before, so the timing is just right to do this.

Said ADCC News editor Miguel Iturrate, "We wanted to add professional boxing coverage to the ADCC page. There is nobody better to edit that material than Eddie Goldman."

To see the ADCC News page, go to:



As many of you also know, Real Pro Wrestling will be starting its first season of television shows on Feb. 13, 2005, on the PAX TV network in the U.S. In order to fulfill the essential tasks of marketing and promotion, the current Real Pro Wrestling web site will be overhauled, revamped, and enhanced with a ton of new content which will be updated regularly.

Towards that end, many experienced wrestling journalists are being brought in as writers and columnists. I am one of them, and will be writing a weekly column for this web site.

Real Pro Wrestling's CEO and co-founder Toby Willis explained, "Wrestling is starting to take its rightful place in the combat sports pantheon. Wrestling is for many applications the dominant and most efficient martial art. Eddie Goldman will place wrestling within that context."

The new web site will be unveiled in a few weeks. Real Pro Wrestling has two addresses which both lead to the same site. They are:




I have already been writing and providing audio interviews for Boxingranks.com for about two months. These will continue, but this site will also be expanding its horizons.

The name of the site derives from a project to establish a boxing writers' ranking poll, similar to polls which are conducted in other sports. That will strive to replace the often absurd and corrupt rankings issued by boxing's innumerable sanctioning bodies, also known as the alphabet soups.

The latest incarnation of this boxing writers' ranking poll will begin with its first monthly tally in February, with those results released in March. I will be one of the journalists participating in this poll. Thus Boxingranks.com will be exerting even more of an influence in the world of boxing, and will be expanding the size of its audience.

Stay tuned for more details on this boxing writers' ranking poll.

Boxingranks.com can be seen at:



I told you I was very busy!

I have recently been named the music editor of the NYC Bartenders & Patrons site. This is the premier site devoted to a growing and under-reported slice of New York's matchless nightlife: the bartenders and patrons of the country music-themed and dive bars of New York City, and especially Manhattan.

My duties include moderating one of the site's message board forums known as The Jukebox, as well as making periodic contributions to reporting on this scene.

Although my own taste in music is actually quite broad, the focus of my activities here will chiefly be on country music, blues, and independent artists.

The NYC Bartenders & Patrons site is at:


The Jukebox is at:


AND ...

Oh yeah -- I'm also working on some other projects, which will be announced if and when they come through.

For wrestling comments or questions, write:


For boxing comments or questions, write:


For music comments or questions, write:


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